Mother and Son


Geoffrey Atherden

Ruth Cracknell

Garry McDonald
Henri Szeps.

A sit-com produced by ABC TV, Sydney, Australia, from 1983 until 1993 (6 lots of 7 episodes).

The series concerned an elderly lady, Maggie Beare, suffering from early dementia, being looked after by one of her two sons, Arthur, a humble journalist.

These two characters were wonderfully played by Ruth Cracknell and Garry McDonald. He had moved back home after his marriage break-up and had become her carer. While he devoted his life to looking after her she actually liked her other son, Robbie, better. He was a dreadful, selfish dentist played by Henri Szeps, who at best would pop in with a bunch of flowers, give her a peck on the cheek and disappear. At worst he would be developing schemes to try to put her in a home and acquire the family house.

The combination of Maggie's memory lapses and disorientation, whether genuine or intentional; Arthur's long suffering attempts to deal with her; and Robbie's rampant self-interest made for very powerful, if darkish comedy.

Robbie's snobbish, migrane-ridden wife, Liz, deliciously played by Judy Morris, added to the rich and selfish tapestry.

The series' producer/director was Geoff Portman, and the executive producer was John O'Grady.

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